Projecto Darte was created in Portugal in January 2013 and is a psycho-educational not-for-profit project from Aprender e Agir – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Pessoal e Profissional.

We work with young people aged 5 to 16 through an art as therapy method that is unique in Portugal, and has its roots in
The Art Room model, and aims to develop their self-esteem,
self-confidence as well as
their autonomy and emotional, behavioural and social skills.

This project is, in first place, for young people experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties. These difficulties may be existing for various reasons and so, these young people benefit from a time away from the daily pressures of their lives in a warm, calm and creative environment where they can find new ways of relating with themselves and the realities around them.

The Darte Sessions take place in schools and institutions that request the service and refer the participants, our Darte Students.

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